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April 2011

Freed Dissidents Arrive in Spain. VOA News (04/08/11)

Jurors deliberate fate of Fidel Castro's nemesis. Mercury News (04/08/11)

China helps Cuba modernize quake warning system. Xinhua Net (04/08/11)

Cuba claims ex-Reuters boss helped CIA. Sify (04/08/11)

Carlos Acosta, National Dance Award 2011. Radio Cadena Agramonte (04/08/11)

What Jimmy Carter can't change in Cuba. Washington Post (04/07/11)

For Cuba policy, new ally at the DNC . Miami Herald (04/07/11)

The bells ring for change in Cuba. Foreign Policy (04/07/11)

U.S. group wants to help small enterprises in Cuba. Miami Herald (04/07/11)

Cuba reports sugar production to be akin in 2010. Bloomberg (04/06/11)

Cuba resumes some mail service to US; says it will handle letters, but not big packages. Canadian Press (04/06/11)

In Cuba, Leadership Is Inseparably Linked to Personal Example. Radio Cadena Agramonte (04/06/11)

Repsol moving ahead with Cuba oil plans. Reuters (04/05/11)

March 2011

Cuba’s Reasons: U.S. Subversion in Humanitarian Disguise. Radio Cadena Agramonte (03/29/11)

US Government to Spend $30 Million on Internet Campaign against Cuba. Cuban News Agency (03/28/11)

Cuba's Only Nuclear Reactor is Crumbling. The Huffington Post (03/28/11)

Expert testifies that copies of Posada interview tapes contain deletions. Miami Herald (03/25/11)

Counterproductive Contradictions Undermine US Policy on Cuba. Huffington Post (03/24/11)

Cuba wants 20-year sentence for former Castro pal. Businessweek (03/24/11)

Cuban Parliament President Honors Leonard Weinglass. Cuban News Agency (03/24/11)

U.S. rests case in Posada perjury trial. The Bellingham Herald (03/24/11)

Mixed reaction from Cuban-Americans on Castro news. Miami Herald (03/22/11)

Interview on Cuba attacks key in ex-CIA agent case. The Seattle Times (03/21/11)

Prime Minister stresses for stronger Pakistan-Cuba ties. Pakwatan (03/21/11)

Venezuela-Cuba cooperation going through adjustment. Cuba Standard (03/21/11)

Cuba Condemns Foreign Military Intervention in Libya. Radio Cadena Agramonte (03/21/11)

Watching Cuba. NY Times (03/20/11)

Cubans celebrate 83rd birthday of Celina Gonzalez. Cuba Headlines (03/20/11)

Cuban filmmaker to screen, discuss works. Cuban Headlines (03/20/11)

Cuba to Free Another Political Prisoner. Latin American Herald Tribune (03/17/11)

Cubans vent frustrations as party congress nears. Reuters(03/17/11)

U.S.-Cuba policy needs dose of common sense. Miami Herald (03/16/11)

Cuba Central Bank Devalues Tourist Peso to Parity with Dollar. Bloomberg (03/14/11)

Washington opens nine new U.S. airports to Cuba travel. Cuba Standard (03/07/11)

U.S. Contractor Alan Gross' Case in Cuba Finishes Saturday; No Verdict Yet. Latin America News Dispatch (03/07/11)

Guatemalan official testifies at militant's trial. The Associated Press (03/07/11)

Cuba a viable market for Texas agriculture. North Texas e-News (03/07/11)

Crece el número de trabajadores privados en la isla. El Nuevo Herald (03/07/11)

Cuban book fair wrapped up, Next Year's Dedicated to the Caribbean. Cuba News Agency (03/07/11)

Cuba cuts jobs to embrace market economy, but still holds 100 dissidents. UPI (03/07/11)

Alberto Granado, 88, Friend of Che, Dies New York Times (03/06/11)

Cuba set to vaccinate 500,000 children against polio. Vaccine News Daily (03/04/11)

United States Recognizes Cuba’s Anti-Drug Efforts. Cuba News Agency (03/03/11)

Cuba changes plans to reduce one million state jobs. CNN (03/03/11)

Anti-Castro Uprising Unlikely in Unplugged Cuba. NPR (03/03/11)

Iconoclastic Young Filmmakers Look at Real Issues in Cuba. IPS (03/03/11)

5 members of Cuba's national ballet stay in Canada. Associated Press (03/03/11)

Cuba Opposes Intervention in Libya. Havana Times (03/02/11)

Los agricultores privados aumentan la producción de arroz en Cuba. El Mundo (03/02/11)

Suben nuevamente precios del combustible. El Nuevo Herald (03/02/11)

Posada perjury trial delayed again. Miami Herald (03/01/11)

February 2011

Obama Can Loosen Cuba Policy More, Experts Say. Latin America News Dispatch (02/16/11)

Rubio, Menendez amendment would block new Cuba flights. Miami Herald (02/16/11)

America's trade embargo on Cuba: The salami technique. The Economist (02/16/11)

The Price of Living in Cuba Havana Times (02/16/11)

Cuban dissidents in Spain receive U.S. visas. Cuban Headlines (02/15/11)

Ex-CIA agent's perjury trail delayed another week. Associated Press (02/15/11)

Rubio bill would dash TIA hopes for Cuba flights. Tampa Bay Online (02/15/11)

Report: Obama could ease more Cuba sanctions. Miami Herald (02/15/11)

Venezuela-Cuba underwater cable reaches Jamaica. Cuba Headlines (02/14/11)

Cuba frees 2 political prisoners against their wishes. CNN (02/13/11)

Cuba cuts sugar price subsidies. BBC News (02/12/11)

Group says US food exports to Cuba down 31 percent. Reuters (02/11/11)

Panel: Cuban market could be enticing to Tulare County growers. Visalia Times-Delta (02/09/11)

My Blog Is Once Again Visible In Cuba. The Huffington Post (02/09/11)

Cuban officials may take stand in Posada prejury trial. Miami Herald (02/08/11)

Cuban Revolution Meets Digital Revolution. abc News (02/08/11)

Miss Teen USA off to Cuba. Examiner (02/08/11)

Our Man in Havana. Washington Post (02/07/11)

The Tunisian Revolution As Seen By Cuba. Hudson New York (02/02/11)

More than Six Million Books to be Available in Cuban Fair. Cuba News Agency (02/02/11)

New study abroad initiatives promote student travel to Cuba, China. Central Michigan Life (02/02/11)

Relatives say Cuban woman marks 126th birthday. Washington Post (02/02/11)

Raul Castro demands greater efficiency from Cuba's gov't. Fox Latino (02/01/11)

Prosecutor: Key witness isn't mentally unstable. Miami Herald (02/01/11)

Cuba-Ecuador Meetings on Political Consultation Wrapped Up. Cuban News Agency (02/01/11)

Latin Americans Demand End of US Blockade against Cuba. Cuban News Agency (02/01/11)

Cuba hospital staff get long jail terms for patient deaths. CNN (02/01/11)

January 2011

UN Expert Lauds Human Development in Cuba. Cuban News Agency (01/31/11)

To Effect Change in Havana, Support the Cuban People. Brookings (01/31/11)

Buchanan: Drilling off Cuba is a threat. Herald Tribune (01/31/11)

Russia Seeks to Increase Cultural Exchange with Cuba. Cuba News Agency (01/31/11)

Afrocubismo seleccionado como el mejor disco del mundo de 2010. Cuban Encuentro (01/31/11)

Cuba: Six for six. Granma Internacional (01/31/11)

At 80, Cuba's Hotel Nacional still shines Granma Internacional (01/31/11)

Strait Talk. Foreign Policy (01/31/11)

Cuban state buys out Telecom Italia. Reuters Africa (01/31/11)

U.S. returns anti-Cuba blockade to Clinton-era policies. Liberation (01/31/11)

It's time for Florida to repeal limits on travel to Cuba. St. Petersburg Times (01/29/11)

Is a Glimpse of US-Cuba Trade on the Horizon? Minyanville (01/27/11)

Informant faces defense in Cuban militant's trial. Associated Press (01/26/11)

Cuba Assists Angola in Fight against Malaria. Cuban News Agency (01/26/11)

U.S. opens the door further on travel to Cuba. Los Angeles Times (01/25/11)

The worm that turned. The Economist (01/20/11)

Cuba suspends mail service to US. Miami Herald (01/21/11)

Work set to begin on Venezuela-Cuba undersea cable, Taiwan News (01/19/11)

FACTBOX-Key political risks to watch in Cuba. Reuters Africa (01/14/11)

Restrictions on Travel to Cuba Are Eased. New York Times (01/14/11)

Cuba, US meet on immigration amid disagreements. Jamaican Observer (01/13/11)

Castro weighs in on Arizona shooting. CNN (01/10/11)

Former CIA Asset Luis Posada Goes to Trial. The Nation (01/05/11)

The Creole Choir of Cuba – UK tour – January/ February 2011. Timbageek (01/04/11)






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