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Civil Military Operations (CMO) Course (O11)

Duration: 5 Weeks

Purpose: To provide fundamental knowledge and training to prepare the student to plan and conduct civil military operations. To prepare the student to serve as an advisor to the field commander on civil military operations or to interact with the military on civil military operations.

Scope: This course is designed to prepare the student to serve as CMO officers either as military officers or as government civilians interacting with the military on CMO activities. Principal instruction consists of training in military civic action, proper role of military in support of civilian authority, civil defense, disaster relief, and CMO support to counterdrug activities and psychological operations. All principal training includes various indepth case studies which are used to enhance student awareness of effective CMO activities.


  • Military Civic Action
  • Military Support to Civilian Authority
  • Military Support to Counterdrug Operations (CDO)
  • Human Rights Awareness Training
  • (Copied from School of the Americas website, February 1998.)

    Civil Military Operations (CMO) Course (O11)


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