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Democratic Sustainment Course (07)

Duration: 6 Weeks

Purpose: To introduce and teach theory and practice of military and civilian leadership in a constitutional nation-state, drawing on the shared traditions of both North and Latin America.

Scope: This course explores the role of the military within a democratic and constitutionally derived, civilian-controlled government. Information and theoretical discussions are fully based upon the shared principles and cultures of this hemisphere. Instruction consists of governmental operations, legal/military law, historical foundations of regional democracy, and religious influences in both cultures. Instruction will be presented in a variety of formats, including student papers and oral reports, guest lectures, liaison visits with city and county leaders, political groups, and public administrators. Instruction is presented at the post baccalaureate level, with university credit applied from the Southern Association of Colleges and Universities.


  • History and Civil Military Relations
  • Religion, Morals and Social Development
  • Comparative Government Operations
  • Civil/Military Law
  • Democratic Development Exercise
  • Research and Thesis Development
  • Human Rights Awareness Training
  • (Copied from School of the Americas website, February 1998.)

    Democratic Sustainment Course (07)


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