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Military Intelligence Officer Course (08)

Duration: 10 Weeks

Purpose: To train selected military intelligence officers to perform the duties of a tactical intelligence staff officer in a conventional or unconventional war environment.

Scope: The curriculum provides a working knowledge of the employment of the tactical intelligence cycle to include intelligence collection, management and dissemination; intelligence preparation of the battlefield; use of tactical counterintelligence; security of intelligence information and operations; electronic warfare; threat analysis; psychological operations; internal defense and development; and training in automated data processing in support of intelligence operations.


  • Basic Skills
  • Tactical Intelligence
  • Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield
  • Tactical Counterintelligence & Security
  • The Enemy Threat
  • Human Rights Awareness Training
  • (Copied from School of the Americas website, February 1998.)

    Military Intelligence Officer Course (08)


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    A project of the Latin America Working Group Education Fund in cooperation with the Center for International Policy and the Washington Office on Latin America

     Project Staff  Adam Isacson (Senior Associate CIP    Lisa Haugaard (LAWGEF Executive Director
      Joy Olson (WOLA Executive Director

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