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U.S Ready to Work With Russia on Missile Shield, Clinton Says, 2/7/11

The Boogeyman the Kremlin Loves to Hate , Moscow Times 2/8/11


Key Karzai aide in corruption inquiry is linked to C.I.A , New York Times 8/25/10

Plotting doubted in Wikileaks case, New York Times 8/24/10

Big firms in no rush for Gates to leave, Defense News 8/23/10

Latest Critique of New START Verification Misses Mark, Arms Control Association 8/19/10

New Afghan intelligence chief aims to build trust, The New York Times 8/19/10

START expiration ends U.S. inspection of Russian nuclear bases, The Washington Post 8/17/10

A secret war on terrorism, CNN 8/17/10

The Transformer, Foreign Policy Magazine, 8/16/10

Petraeus opposes a rapid pullout in Afghanistan, The New York Times 8/16/10

Ruing exile, Russian says he's no spy, The New York Times 8/12/10

Cutting Pentagon waste is wise -- and brave, CNN 8/12/10

Clinton pushes approval of nuclear arms treaty, CNN 8/11/10

Pentagon to cut thousands of jobs, defense secretary says, The Washington Post 8/10/10

Hamburg mosque used by 9/11 plotters is shuttered, The New York Times 8/09/10

First woman to head major U.S. intelligence agency, The Washington Post 8/09/10

Senate confirms Clapper as intelligence chief, CNN 8/06/10

Will "Top Secret America" bring reform?, The Washington Post 8/05/10

ACA experts call for Senate approval of New START this fall, Arms Control Association 8/03/10

Nuclear forensics skill is declining in U.S., report says, The New York Times 7/29/10

Democrats split as House backs war funds, The New York Times 7/27/10

WikiLeaks disclosures unlikely to change course of Afghanistan war, The Washington Post 7/27/10

Document leak may hurt efforts to build war support, The New York Times 7/27/10

Intelligence nominee's contractor ties draw scrutiny, The Los Angeles Times 7/25/10

How about a leaner and meaner intelligence system?, The Washington Post 7/21/10

The secrets next door, The Washington Post 7/21/10

National Security Inc., The Washington Post 7/20/10

A hidden world, growing beyong control, The Washington Post 7/19/10

U.S. paid Iranian nuclear scientist $5 million for aid to CIA, officials say, The Washington Post 7/15/10

Prisoner swap in Vienna Ends U.S.-Russia Espionage Case, The New York Times 7/9/10

Russia is said to free scientist in exchange for suspect, The New York Times 7/8/10

Talks on a rapid end to the Russian spy case, The New York Times 7/6/10

House passes spending bill for war in Afghanistan, CNN 7/2/10

The suspects in a Russian spy ring lived all-American lives, The Wahington Post 06/30/10

Petraeus is now taking control of a 'tougher fight', The New York Times 06/23/10

U.S. 'secret war' expands globally as Special Operations forces take larger role, The Washington Post 06/04/10

President Obama rethinking his pick for director of national intelligence, The Washington Post 05/27/10

Blair's resignation may reflect inherant conflicts in job of intelligence chief, The Washington Post 05/22/10

New Think and Old Weapons, The New York Times 02/27/10

Nuclear Posture Review Delayed Until Mid to Late March, Foreign Policy Magazine 02/25/10

Google to enlist NSA to help it ward off cyberattacks, The Washington Post 02/04/10


The Big Question: what's gone wrong at the CIA and should it be abolished?, the Independent 07/14/09

CIA Had Plan to Assassinate Qaeda Leaders, The New York Times 07/14/09

The Secret History: Can Leone Panetta move the CIA forward without confronting its past?, The New Yorker 06/22/09

Some in Qaeda leave Pakistan for Somalia and Yemen, The New York Times 06/15/09

Intelligence Turf War Rages, Undermining DNI's authority, Homeland Security Today 06/11/09

Bad Publicity, the Economist 05/14/09

New chief helped craft NSC reforms, Washington Times 01/15/09

FACTBOX-Security developments in Iraq, Jan 14, Reuters 01/14/09

Getting Smart on Intelligence Reform, Council on Foreign Relations 01/14/09

North Korea Maintains Its Tough Stance, New York Times 01/14/09

A 'new' U.S. approach to Iran?, NBC News 01/14/09

Clinton vows smart mix of diplomacy, defense, Associated Press 01/13/09


Questions linger on scope of Iran's threat in Iraq, New York Times 04/26/08

Gates says Air Force must step up effort in Iraq, Afghanistan, Baltimore Sun 04/22/08

Rice presses Iraq's neighbors to give it more support, New York Times 04/22/08

Bush holds out hope for more Iraq troop cuts, New York Times 04/12/08

Iran fighting proxy war in Iraq, U.S. envoy says, New York Times 04/12/08

U.S. at turning point on Iraq strategy, San Francisco Chronicle 04/09/08

General Petraeus takes fight over Iraq to the next U.S. President, Times Online 04/09/08

U.S., Russia still at odds on missiles, Associated Press 04/06/08

Congressional maneuvers ahead of Iraq hearings, New York Times 04/05/08

U.S. study finds progress in Iraq but fragile security and potential for terror attacks, New York Times 04/04/08

Bush-Putin meeting could be their last, Associated Press 04/03/08

Bush: "Strategic victory" in Iraq essential, not "retreat", Baltimore Sun 03/27/08

U.S.-Russian officials meet on missile shield offer, Reuters 03/27/08

Estimates to undergo more scrutiny, Washington Post 03/26/08

U.S. troop presence in Iraq to remain steady, AFP 03/25/08

Pentagon urges delay in U.S. troop reductions in Iraq, New York Times 03/22/08

Iran a nuclear threat, Bush insists, Washington Post 03/21/08

Pentagon divided on Iraq strategy, Los Angeles Times 03/20/08

Bush warns House on surveillance, Washington Post 03/13/08

NASA wary of relying on Russia, Washington Post 03/07/08

Officials lean toward keeping next Iraq assessment secret, Washington Post 03/07/08

Expansion issues divide NATO; Rice urges more troops, Washington Post 03/07/08

No need for lawmakers' approval for Iraq pact, U.S. reasserts, Washington Post 03/06/08

U.S.-Russia relations chilly amid transitions, Washington Post 03/01/08

Petraeus to seek to limit pause in pullout to 6 weeks, New York Times 03/01/08

U.S. wary of Iran's growing activity in Iraq, Chicago Tribune 02/29/08

Senate shelves Iraq U.S. troop withdrawal bill, Reuters 02/29/08

Gates in India to expand security ties, New York Times 02/28/08

Senate agrees to debate bill on Iraq pullout, Washington Post 02/27/08

Gates seeks closer ties with Indonesia, Associated Press 02/25/08

U.S. urged to improve relations with China, Associated Press 02/24/08

White House calls Iraq ceasefire positive, AFP 02/22/08

U.S. mulls ally's possible shifts, Chicago Tribune 02/20/08

Effort to shoot down satellite could inform military strategy, Washington Post 02/20/08

U.S. soldiers likely to see shorter tours, The Associated Press 02/19/08

Kosovo is recognized but rebuked by others, New York Times 02/19/08

House drafts bill to fund war efforts, Associated Press 02/14/08

Mukasey visits Iraq, talks to officials, Associated Press 02/13/08

Gates: Iraq drawdown may be delayed, Washington Post 02/11/08

NATO's leaders says the alliance remains unified on troops for Afghan mission, New York Times 02/10/08

AP Poll: Leaving Iraq will help economy, Associated Press 02/09/08

Gates: U.S. won't promise to defend Iraq in accord, Reuters 02/06/08

U.S., Iraq vow to crack down after blasts, Boston Globe 02/03/08

Poland OKs U.S. missile defense system, Los Angeles Times 02/02/08

U.S., Russia to hold formal economic talks, AFP 02/01/08

U.S. Commanders in Iraq favor pause in troop cuts, Washington Post 01/31/08

U.S. asking Iraq for wide rights on war, New York Times 01/25/08

U.N. Security Council to review proposed new Iran sanctions on Friday, AFP 01/24/08

Bush moves national security review law, Associated Press 01/24/08

Rising anti-Americanism in Russia, U.S. News & World Report 01/18/08

Steady decline of U.S. forces in Iraq expected, Associated Press 01/18/08

U.S. to pursue new Iran sanctions, Associated Press 01/17/08

U.S. to stay course on Iran policy, Reuters 01/16/08

Rice hails political progress in Iraq, Associated Press 01/16/08

U.S., Poland hopeful of missile shield deal, National Post 01/15/08

Saudis: Not boosting oil production for the U.S., Baltimore Sun 01/15/08

Minister sees need for U.S. help in Iraq until 2018, New York Times 01/15/08


Putin says US is behind poll experts' boycott, the Guardian 11/27/07

Justice in Iraq, the Los Angeles Times 10/31/07

Mistrial in US Muslim charity terror funding case, AFP 10/22/07

Turkey moves closer to an incursion into Iraq, the New York Times 10/15/07

Secret US endorsement of severe interrogations, the New York Times 10/4/07

US contractor banned by Iraq over shootings, the New York Times 9/18/07

Testimony, recent reports not always on the same page, the Boston Globe 9/11/07

Why we should exit Iraq now, Bill Richardson in the Washington Post 9/8/07

Experts doubt drop in violence in Iraq, Washington Post 9/6/07

NIE: Iraq 'unable to govern' itself effectively, Washington Post 8/23/07
[Read the National Intelligence Update: Prospects for Iraq's Stability]

CIA finds holes in pre-9/11 work, Washington Post 8/22/07
[Read the CIA Accountability Report] [Read George Tenet's response]

The Terrorism Index, Foreign Policy 8/20/07

Intelligence chief caught in political crossfire over surveillance bill, International Herald Tribune 8/9/07

Pressed by U.S., a wary U.N. now plans larger Iraq role, Washington Post 8/8/07

Beyond Disaster, 8/6/07

Eavesdropping reforms empower spy chief, Washington Post 8/6/07

Bush signs law to widen legal reach for wiretapping, New York Times 8/6/07

NSA spying part of broader effort, Washington Post 8/1/07

U.S. seen in Iraq until at least '09, International Herald Tribune 7/23/07

Intelligence puts rationale for war on shakier ground, Washington Post 7/18/07
  [Read the National Intelligence Estimate]

White House gives Iraq mixed marks in report, Washington Post 7/12/07
  [Read the Initial Benchmark Assessment Report]

CIA said instability seemed 'irreversible', Washington Post 7/12/07

Iraq Foreign Minister warns of collapse if troops leave, Washington Post 7/9/07

Senators subpoena White House over illegal surveillance programme, The Independent 6/28/07

Tensions rise in U.S.-Russia relationship, NPR 6/27/07

GOP skepticism on Iraq growing, Washington Post 6/27/07

Iraq, 'sinking fast,' is ranked no. 2 on list of unstable states, Washington Post 6/19/07

Embassy staff in Baghdad inadequate, Rice is told, Washington Post 6/19/07

Iraq's uncertain fate if U.S. withdraws troops quickly, International Herald Tribune 5/27/07

Bush Blames Iraq Violence on Al-Qaeda, Washington Post 5/24/07

US Democrats abandon Iraq pullout date plans, ABC News 5/23/07

The measure of things, U.S. News & World Report 5/13/07

Bush faces pressure on Iraq as Blair leaves, Reuters 5/11/07

White House says Bush would veto U.S. Democrats' bill to fund Iraq war only into summer, International Herald Tribune: Americas 5/8/07

US Senate Republican wants Iraq progress by autumn, Reuters 5/7/07US

Intelligence Chief Decries Constraints, Washington Post 5/2/07

Senators make clear Bush's wiretap proposal faces uphill battle in Congress, International Herald Tribune: Americas 5/1/07

Commander: Baghdad Bombing Shows 'Long Way to Go' for Security, Washington Post 4/13/07

Bush's Troop Initiative Doomed, Biden Says, Washington Post 4/12/07

FBI Provided Inaccurate Data for Surveillance Warrants, Washington Post 3/27/07

Military Is Ill-Prepared For Other Conflicts, Washington Post 3/19/07

Amid Concerns, FBI Lapses Went On, Washington Post 3/18/07

MEMORANDUM FOR: Speaker of the House Senate Majority Leader, 3/14/07

Additional Troop Increase Approved, Washington Post 3/11/07

Lawmakers Vow Hearings on FBI Errors, Wasington Post 3/9/07

Democrats Alter Plan To Restrict Iraq War, Washington Post 3/6/07

Senate Democrat cautions Republicans against blocking vote on Iraq resolution, International Herald Tribune 2/4/07

US intelligence report casts doubt on Iraq strategy, AlertNet 1/23/07

Senate Panel Votes Against Bush on Iraq, Washington Post 1/24/07

Senate Panel Studies Intelligence Community, National Public Radio 1/24/07


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