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The Center's Mission:

Promoting a U.S. foreign policy based on international cooperation, demilitarization and respect for human rights

The Center for International Policy was founded in 1975, in the wake of the Vietnam War, by former diplomats and peace activists. This mix of those from inside the government and those from outside by choice has shaped both our methodology and our agenda.

The Center has led or played a vital role in an impressive number of citizens' initiatives. Working closely with allies in Congress, including two members who were to become the Center's co-chairs, Tom Harkin and Don Fraser, the Center campaigned to make sure that a government's human rights record became a factor in allocating foreign aid. In the 1980s the Center staff became the Washington advocates for Costa Rican president Oscar Arias's peace plan for Central America.

In the 1990s the Center attracted a number of senior diplomats to its staff and expanded its agenda to include reform of the nation's intelligence agencies. We continued to play an important role in Central America's post-conflict reconciliation, the effort to end the counter-productive isolation of Cuba, and efforts to condition military assistance to the Western Hemisphere on improvements in governance and increased respect for citizens’ human rights. This work continues today, along with a robust program on nuclear proliferation in south and east Asia.

Our groundbreaking Global Financial Integrity program promotes national and multilateral policies to curtail illicit financial flows and enhance global development and security.

CIP’s Americas Program offers timely policy analysis, North-South dialogue and in-depth reports on key issues of the hemisphere through weekly publications by its experienced staff and regional network of policy experts.

Our Win Without War project is a coalition of national organizations that oppose the militarization of U.S. foreign policy and the doctrine of unilateral military preemption. It advocates fundamental changes in U.S. policy in Iraq that will bring our troops home safely and quickly and promote the creation of a sovereign and peaceful Iraq.

CIP's newest program, Avoided Deforestation Partners, is an international network of thinkers and strategists, founded by leaders in carbon policy, finance, forestry, and conservation in May 2007 to support international efforts to halt tropical deforestation.

Funding Sources

Supported by individual donors, foundations, businesses and churches, the Center has stayed steadfastly true to its goals since its founding in 1975.

Foundations, businesses and churches and currently supporting the Center's work include:

Budget and Financial Information

The Center for International Policy's estimated budget for 2011, as approved by our Board of Directors, is just over $3.9 million. The Center's staff and board are very grateful for the generous support CIP continues to receive from forward-looking foundations, businesses and churches and the many concerned citizens who share our goals and values.

Estimated 2011 budget
Salaries and benefits
Legal Fees
Meetings and conferences
Postage and courier
Publications and copying
Operational expenses
Total $3,903,680

To view the IRS Form 990 for CIP please click here. Our most recent audited financial statement can be viewed by clicking here.

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