Last Updated:9/19/06
State Department: List of All Colombian Security Forces Vetted as of July 2006, obtained September 2006

List of All Colombian Security Forces Vetted as of July 2006


Colombian Military Joint Task Force HQ (OMEGA)-Larandia

Colombian Military Joint Command-One (Caribe) - Santa Marta

Colombian Joint Special Operations Command (CCOPE)

HQ Element - Bogotá

Colombian Army Special Operations Command (COESE)

Colombian Army Lancero Group/Battalion (AGLAN)

Colombian Army Commando Battalion (BACOA)

1st Marine Special Forces Battalion (BFEIM) - Cartagena
Special Forces Urban Anti-Terrorism Group (AFEAU) - Bogotá

Apiay MilitaryHospital (Hospital Militar Oriente) - Apiay

Mobile Medical Trauma Team (GATRA)

1st GATRA - San Jose del Guaviare, Guaviare
2nd GATRA - San Vicente del Caguan, Caqueta
3rd GATRA - Tres Esquinas, Caqueta

JointIntelligenceOperationsCenter (COJIC) - Bogotá

ColombianArmyIntelligenceCenter (CIME) - Bogotá

RegionalMilitaryIntelligenceCenter(RIME 04) - V/vicencio
RegionalMilitaryIntelligenceCenter (RIME 06) - Medellin
RegionalMilitaryIntelligenceCenter(RIME 07) - Bogotá
RegionalMilitaryIntelligenceCenter(RIME 08) - Florencia

ColombianArmyMilitaryCounter-IntelligenceCenter (CECIM) -Bogotá

ColombianTechnicalIntelligenceCenter (CITEC) - Bogotá

Colombian Army Logistics Brigade (BRALOG) - Bogotá

Supply Battalion (BAABS) - Bogotá
Maintenance Battalion (BAMAN) - Bogotá
Quartermaster Battalion (BAINT) - Bogotá
Transportation Battalion (BATRA) - Bogotá
Combat Support and Services Battalion (BASPC) - Bogotá
Medical Battalion (BASAN) - Bogotá
Dispensary Detachment (DICEN) - Bogotá

ColombiaArmyEngineerSchool (ESING) - Bogotá

ColombianArmyLogisticsSchool (ESLOG) - Bogotá

Colombian Army Civil MilitaryRelationsSchool (ESRCM)- Bogotá

ColombianArmyAviationSchool (ESAVE)

ColombianArmyLanceroSchool (ESLAN) - Tolemaida

ColombianArmySpecialForcesSchool (ESFER) - Barrancon

ColombianProfessionalSoldierSchool (ESPRO) - Tolemaida

Colombian Army Re-Training Center (CERTE)

ColombianArmyEquestrianSchool - Bogotá


Colombian Army DIV 01


First Division Command and Staff Section (COD01) - Santa Marta

Explosive Ordinance Disposal Group 01(GMARD 01) - Santa Marta

Second Engineer Battalion (BIVER) - Malambo

SixthHighMountain Battalion (BAMRU) - S/Nevada de Santa Marta


Colombian Army DIV 02


Second Division Command and Staff Section (COD02) - Bucaramanga

27th Counter Guerrilla Battalion - Saravena

Explosive Ordinance Disposal Group 02(GMARD 02)

Fifth Mobile Brigade (BRM5) - Tame

43rd Counter Guerilla Battalion - Tame
44th Counter Guerrilla Battalion - Tame
45th Counter Guerrilla Battalion - Tibu
47th Counter Guerrilla Battalion - Tame
27th Combat Services Support Company - Tame

Twenty Second Mobile Brigade (BRM22) - Larandia

5th Counter Guerilla Battalion - Larandia
14th Counter Guerilla Battalion -Larandia
25th Counter Guerilla Battalion - Larandia
36th Counter Guerilla Battalion - Larandia
35th Service and Support Company - Neiva

18th Brigade (BR18) - Arauca

18th Calvary Battalion (GMRPI) - Saravena
1st Engineer Construction Battalion (BICON1) - Arauca
18th Engineer Battalion (BIRAN) - Tame
24th Counter Guerrilla Battalion - Saravena
30th Counter Guerrilla Battalion - Arauca
49th Counter Guerrilla Battalion - Arauquita
1st PEEV Battalion - Samora
18th Support and Services Battalion - Arauca

46th Counter Guerrilla Battalion - Arauquita


Colombian Army Div 03


Third Division Command and Staff Section (COD03) - Cali

Explosive Ordinance Disposal Group 03(GMARD 03)

Sixth Mobile Brigade (BRM6) Popayan

48th Counter Guerrilla Battalion
50th Counter Guerrilla Battalion
   56th Counter Guerrilla Battalion
60th Counter Guerrilla Battalion
28th Combat Service Support Company

Third Engineer Battalion (BICOD) - Palmira

Eighth Engineer Battalion (BICIS) - Pueblo Tapao

Ninth Infantry Battalion (BIBOY) - Pasto

3rd Cavalry Group (GMCAB) - Ipiales

4th HighMountain Battalion (BAMHE) - San Sebastian


Colombian Army DIV 04


Fourth Division Command and Staff Section (COD04) - V/vicencio

Explosive Ordinance Disposal Group 04 (GMARD 04)

Fourth Mobile Brigade (BRM4) - GranadaMeta

39th Counter Guerrilla Battalion - Vista Hermosa
40th Counter Guerrilla Battalion - Vista Hermosa
41st Counter Guerrilla Battalion - Uribe
42nd Counter Guerrilla Battalion - Mesetas
26th Service and Support Company - Larandia

Seventh Mobile Brigade (BRM7) - San Jose de Guaviare

61st Counter Guerrilla Battalion
62nd Counter Guerrilla Battalion
63rd Counter Guerrilla Battalion
64th Counter Guerrilla Battalion
29th Combat Service Support Battalion

Seventh Engineer Battalion (BIALB) - Villavicencio

Sixteenth Brigade (BR16) - Yopal

44th Infantry Battalion - Tauramena
16th Cavalry Group - Yopal
23rd Counter Guerrilla Battalion - Sacama
29th Counter Guerrilla Battalion - Nunchia
65th Counter Guerrilla Battalion - Aguazul
16th Service Battalion - Yopal

Twelfth Mobile Brigade (BRM12)

83rd Counter Guerrilla Battalion - Granada
84th Counter Guerrilla Battalion - Granada
85th Counter Guerrilla Battalion - Granada
86th Counter Guerrilla Battalion - Granada
34th Service Battalion - Granada


Colombian Army DIV 05


Fifth Division Command and Staff Section (COD05) - Bogotá, D.C.

Explosive Ordinance Disposal Group 05 (GMARD 05)

Eighth Mobile Brigade (BRM8) - Facatativa

66th Counter Guerrilla Battalion
67th Counter Guerrilla Battalion
68th Counter Guerrilla Battalion
69th Counter Guerrilla Battalion
30th Combat Service Support Company

Tenth Mobile Brigade (BRM10) - Larandia

75th Counter Guerilla Battalion
76th Counter Guerilla Battalion
77th Counter Guerilla Battalion
78th Counter Guerilla Battalion
24th Combat Service Support Company

First Brigade (BR01) - Tunja - Command and Staff Section Only

Sixth Brigade (BR06) - Ibague - Command and Staff Section Only

Ninth Brigade (BR09) - Neiva

9th Counter Guerilla Battalion - Neiva
26th Infantry Battalion - Neiva
27th Infantry Battalion - Neiva
9th Artillery Battalion - Neiva
9th Service Support Battalion - Neiva

Thirteenth Engineer Battalion (BIBYA) - Ubala


Colombian Army DIV 06


Sixth Division Command and Staff Section (COD06) - Florencia

Explosive Ordinance Disposal Group 06 (GMARD 06)

Ninth Mobile Brigade (BRM09) - Granada

70th Counter Guerrilla Battalion
71st Counter Guerrilla Battalion
72nd Counter Guerrilla Battalion
73rd Counter Guerrilla Battalion
31st Combat Service Support Company - Neiva

Thirteenth Mobile Brigade (BRM13) - Larandia

87th Counter Guerrilla Battalion
88th Counter Guerrilla Battalion
89th Counter Guerrilla Battalion
90th Counter Guerrilla Battalion
36st Combat Service Support Company - Larandia

12th Brigade (BR12) - Florencia

*Reinstated as of Dec. 19, 2000

12th Counter Guerrilla Battalion - Chaira
34th Infantry Battalion (BIJUA) - Florencia
35th Infantry Battalion (BIGUE) - Larandia
36th Infantry Battalion (BICAZ) - San Vicente de Caguan
12th Engineer Battalion (BIMEJ) - Venecia
12th Service Support Battalion - Florencia

26th Jungle Brigade (BR26) - Leticia

50th Infantry Jungle Battalion - Leticia
74th Counter Guerrilla Battalion - Leticia
26th Service Support BN - Leticia
Coast Guard Detachment - Leticia


Colombian Army DIV 07


Seventh Division Command and Staff Section (COD07) - Medellin

Regional Urban Anti-Terrorist Special Forces Group 5
(AFEAUR05)- Medellin

Eleventh Mobile Brigade (BRM11) - Monteria

79th Counter Guerilla Battalion
80th Counter Guerilla Battalion
81st Counter Guerilla Battalion
82nd Counter Guerilla Battalion
33th Combat Service Support Company

Eleventh Brigade (BR11) - Monteria

31st Infantry Battalion (BIRIF) - Caucasia
33rd Infantry Battalion (BIJIN) - Monteria
10th Counter Guerilla Battalion - Monteria
11th Counter Guerilla Battalion - Larandia
5th Infrastructure Protection Unit (PEEV05) - Zaragoza
11th Service Support Battalion - Monteria

Fourteenth Engineer Battalion - Cantinplora


Colombian Army Forces (TROPAS EJERCITO)


Rural Special Forces Brigade (BRFER) Brigada de Fuerzas

Especiales Rurales - Tolemaida

2nd Special Forces Battalion (BFER2) - Tolemaida
3rd Special Forces Battalion (BFER3) - Tolemaida
4th Special Forces Battalion (BFER4) - Tolemaida

Rapid Deployment Force (FUDRA) - Fuerza de Despliegue

Rapido - Tolemaida

1st Mobile Brigade (BRM01) - Melgar

19th Counter Guerrilla Battalion
20th Counter Guerrilla Battalion
21st Counter Guerrilla Battalion
22nd Counter Guerrilla Battalion
22nd Support and Services Company

2nd Mobile Brigade (BRM02) - Melgar

15th Counter Guerilla Battalion
16th Counter Guerilla Battalion
17th Counter Guerilla Battalion
18th Counter Guerilla Battalion
23rd Support and Services Company

3rd Mobile Brigade (BRM03) - Melgar

51st Counter Guerrilla Battalion
52nd Counter Guerrilla Battalion
53rd Counter Guerrilla Battalion
54th Counter Guerrilla Battalion
25th Support and Services Company

25th Brigade Army Aviation Brigade - (BRIAV) - Bogotá

Army Aviation Regiment (BAHEL) - Tolemaida
Cargo and Transport BN (BAAV3) - Bogotá
Instruction BN ArmyAviationSchool (CERTA)) - Tolemaida

Counter Narcotics Brigade (BRCNA) Brigada Contra el Narcotrafico - Larandia

1st Counter Narcotics Battalion (BACNA1) - Larandia
2nd Counter Narcotics Battalion (BACNA2) - Larandia
3rd Counter Narcotics Battalion (BACNA3) - Larandia
Counter Narcotics Service and Support Battalion (BASCN)  - Larandia

Eastern Specified Command (CEO) Comando Especifico del Oriente - Puerto Carreno

45th Infantry Battalion - (Puerto Carreno)


Marine Corps Headquarters (CIMAR) Comando de Infanteria de Marina - Bogotá

Mobile Training Group (GRUMEN)

Marine Corps Formation and TrainingCenter (CFENIM) Centro

de Formacion y Entrenamiento de I.M. - Covenas


RiverineCombatSchool (ESCOFLU)

First Marine Brigade (BRIM 1) Primera Brigada de I.M. -Corozal

Command and Support Battalion 1 (BACAIM 1)
Formerly listed as Combat Service Support and Security Company
1st Infantry Battalion (BAFIM 1)
2nd Infantry Battalion (BAFIM 2)
3rd Infantry Battalion (BAFIM 3)
4th Infantry Battalion (BAFIM 4)
1st Counter-Guerilla Battalion (BACIM1)
2nd Counter-Guerilla Battalion (BACIM2)
Anti-Kidnapping Unit (GAULA)

First Marine Riverine Brigade (BRIFLIM 1) Brigada Fluvial de I.M. 1 - Bogotá

Marine Riverine Battalion 20 (BAFLIM20)
Marine Riverine Battalion 30 (BAFLIM30)
Marine Riverine Battalion 40 (BAFLIM40)
Marine Riverine Battalion 50 (BAFLIM50)
Marine Riverine Battalion 60 (BAFLIM60)

Second Marine Riverine Brigade (BRIFLIM 2) Brigada Fluvial de I.M. 2 - Buenaventura

Renamed from Second Marine Brigade (Brigada de I.M. 2)

Marine Riverine Assault Battalion 1 (BASFLIM 1)

Renamed from 6th Infantry Battalion (BAFIM 6)

Marine Riverine Assault Battalion 3 (BASFLIM 3)

Renamed from 7th Infantry Battalion (BAFIM 7)

Marine Riverine Assault Battalion 4 (BASFLIM 4)

Renamed from 8th Infantry Battalion (BAFIM 8)

Marine Riverine Battalion 10 (BAFLIM10)

Formerly part of 1st Riverine Brigade (BRIFLIM1)

Marine Riverine Battalion 70 (BAFLIM70)

Renamed from 9th Infantry Battalion (BAFIM 9)

Marine Riverine Battalion 80 (BAFLIM 80)

Renamed from 3rd Counter-Guerilla Battalion (BACIM 3)

Marine Special Forces Battalion (BFEIM) Batallon de Furzas Especiales de I.M. - Cartagena

Navy Urban Anti-Terrorist Special Forces Group Unit 1 (NAV AFEUR 1)

Naval Forces South (FNS) Fuerza Naval del Sur - Puerto Leguizamo

Naval Forces Caribbean (FNC) Fuerza Naval del Caribe - Cartagena

San Andres/Providencia Specific Command (CESYP)
Caribbean Submarine Fleet (CFSUBFC)
Caribbean Naval Air Group (CGANC)
Caribbean Surface Fleet (CFSUPFC)
Training Ship Gloria (ARC Gloria)
Caribbean Coast Guard (CGAC)

Naval Special Dive Unit (UBEN) Unidad de Buceos Especiales del Norte - Cartagena

Naval Forces Pacific (FNP) Fuerza Naval del Pacifico - Buenaventura

Pacific Naval RegionalIntelligenceCenter (RINPA)
Pacific Surface Fleet (CFSUP)
Pacific Naval Air Group (CGANPA)
Pacific Coast Guard (CGAPO)
Pacific Training Center (CENPA)


2nd Air Combat Command (CACOM 2) Comando Aereo de Combate No. 2 - Apiay / Villavicencio, Meta

3rd Air Combat Command (CACOM 3) Comando Aereo de Combate No.3 - Malambo / Baranquilla, Atlantico

4th Air Combat Command (CACOM 4) Comando Aereo de Combate No. 4 - Melgar, Tolima

5th Air Combat Command (CACOM 5) Comando Aereo de Combate No. 5 - Rio Negro / Medellin, Antioquia

6th Air Combat Command (CACOM 6) Comando Aereo de Combate No. 6 - Tres Esquinas, Caqueta

Military Air Transport Command (CATAM) Comando Aereo de Transporte Militar - Bogotá

Air Maintenance Command (CAMAN) Comando Aereo de Mantenimiento-Madrid, Cundinamarca

Air Group East (GAORI) Grupo Aereo del Oriente-Marandua, Vichada

Air Group Caribbean (GACAR) Grupo Aereo del Caribe -San Andres

MilitaryAviationSchool (EMAVI) Cali

Cadets Group Department
Academic Group Department
Aeronautical Education Department
Combat Group Department
Technical Group Department
Support Group Department
Air Defense Group Department


Carabineros-Group 1

Anti-Narcotics Police (DIRAN)

Anti Narcotics Chemical Unit

Junglas-Elite Squad

Special Operations Command (COPES)

Airport Police Unit-Bogotá



La Victoria Municipal Police
Maripi Municipal Police
Muzo Municipal Police
Otanche Municipal Police
Pauna Municipal Police
Quipama Municipal Police
San Pablo de Borbur Municipal Police
Tunungua Municipal Police
Coper Municipal Police


La Palma Municipal Police
Paime Municipal Police
Puerto Salgar Municipal Police
Topaipi Municipal Police
Yocapi Municipal Police


Albania Municipal Police
Barbosa Municipal Police
Bolivar Municipal Police
Florian Municipal Police
Jesus Maria Municipal Police
La Belleza Municipal Police
Puente Nacional Municipal Police
Santa Helena de Opon Municipal Police
Sucre Municipal Police


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