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About the Cuba Program

Under the direction of Wayne S. Smith, former Chief of the U.S. Interests Section in Havana, the Center for International Policy’s Cuba Program seeks to bring about a more sensible US policy toward Cuba. There may have been a time during the Cold War when there was some rationale for a containment policy, including an embargo. But, with the end of the Cold War, that rationale has vanished, and our policy toward Cuba is now not only obsolete but actually counterproductive in terms of real US interests and objectives.

By taking fact-finding delegations to Cuba, organizing conferences on specific issues, inviting Cubans to express their views in the US, and publishing opinion pieces which take issue with present rationale, we hope to educate public opinion and thus encourage a policy which 1) begins to dismantle the embargo, 2) initiates a dialogue with the Cuban government, 3) lifts travel controls, and 4) carries us eventually toward a full normalization of relations, which we believe to be in the best interests of both the American and the Cuban people.


Wayne S. Smith interviews the president of the Cuban National Assembly, Ricardo Alarcón, in Havana, Cuba (June 2005) Summary


Articles & Publications

Cuba Not a "Tier Three" Human Trafficker
IPB by Wayne Smith (July 2011)

El Paso Jury Acquits Arch-Terrorist Posada Carriles of All Charges.
IPB by Wayne Smith (April 2011)

Carter's Press Conference in Havana.
IPB by Wayne Smith (April 2011)

More chicanery in the cases of the Cuban Five
IPB by Wayne Smith (March 2011)

The Gross Case & the Inanity of U.S. Policy
IPB by Wayne Smith (March 2011)

Engaging with Cuba: Hurricanes, Medical Students and Trade
Elizabeth Newhouse (December 2010)

The Case of the Cuban Five; US Shame and how to end it
IPB by Wayne Smith (June 2010)

U.S. Democracy Programs under Fire as Fallout from Spy Arrest Continues
Michael Collins (April 19, 2010)

CIP Analysts Look at Obama's First Year
Adam Isacson, Wayne S. Smith, Tom Barry, Laura Carlsen (January 27, 2010)

Putting Preparedness Above Politics: U.S.-Cuba Cooperation Against the Threat of Hurricanes
IPR by Elizabeth Newhouse (January 2010)

More articles by Wayne Smith can be found here.


Events & Conference Reports

The United States Should Take Immediate Steps to Improve Relations with Cuba
Conference report by Elizabeth Newhouse (January 2011)

U.S. - Cuba Conference on Hurricane Cooperation
Conference report by Elizabeth Newhouse (January 2011)

Are We Ready For The Next Big One? Texas Gulf Coast Legislators Learn From Cuba's Hurricane Preparedness Model
Conference Report by Elizabeth Newhouse and Wayne Smith (July 2010)

Cuban Public Health Cooperation in Haiti
Conference Report by Elizabeth Newhouse and Wayne Smith (May 2010)

Hearing on U.S.-Cuba Policy, Committee on Ways and Means, U.S. House of Representatives
Video and Text of Testimony by Wayne Smith (April 29, 2010)

Report on the Conference to Call for the Elimination of Restrictions on Academic and People-to-People Travel to Cuba
Policy Brief by Wayne Smith and Elizabeth Newhouse (March 2010)

CIP Event Featured in: Cuba experts discuss academic travel to the country for Americans
Latin America News Dispatch
(March 11, 2010

CIP Event Featured in: Push for Cuba exchanges hits obstacles, both political and academic
The Chronicle of Higher Education (March 9, 2010)

CIP Event Featured in: Obama Urged to End Limits on Educational Travel to Cuba
Latin American Herald Tribune (March 9, 2010)

ECDET and CIP held a conference to Demand the Elimination of Restrictions on Academic and Educational Travel to Cuba
on March 9, 2010 in the Holeman Lounge, National Press Club

Report on the Conference to Call for Cuba's Removal from the Terrorist List
Policy Brief by Wayne Smith, Peter Kornbluh, Robert Muse, and Elizabeth Newhouse (March 2010)

CIP Event Featured in: Cuba Should Be Removed From State Sponsors of Terrorism List, Experts Say
Latin America News Dispatch (February 1, 2010)

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Learn More:

Guantanamo Bay: Learn more about the U.S. naval base and detainment facility through recent headlines and past articles.

Cuba and Terrorism: Read about Luis Posada Carriles, Cuba on the U.S. List of State Sponsors of Terrorism, Cuban exile terrorism, and post-9/11 U.S.-Cuba relations

Cuba Embargo and US Trade: History and developments in US agricultural trade with Cuba, as well as recent Cuban trade with Venezuela & China.



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Recent Headlines

Photo Courtesy of Luiza

Via Granma

Political News:

Cuba congress embraces and refines Raul Castro's reforms.
Reuters (04/18/11)

Congressional Committee Proposes Solutions to Critical Problems Facing Cuba.
Ahora (04/18/11)

Cuba angry about acquital of militant Cuban ex-CIA operative.
Los Angeles Times (04/15/11)

Freed Dissidents Arrive in Spain.
VOA News (04/08/11)

Jurors deliberate fate of Fidel Castro's nemesis
Mercury News (04/08/11)

China helps Cuba modernize quake warning system
Xinhua Net (04/08/11)

The News Archives can be found here.

Economic/Trade News:

Cuba explores for oil as U.S. watches.
Miami Herald (04/17/11)

U.S. group wants to help small enterprises in Cuba
Miami Herald (04/07/11)

Cuba reports sugar production to be akin in 2010
Bloomberg (04/06/11)

Repsol moving ahead with Cuba oil plans
Reuters (04/05/11)

The News Archives can be found here.

Analysis & Opinion

What Jimmy Carter can't change in Cuba
Washington Post (04/07/11)

For Cuba policy, new ally at the DNC
Miami Herald (04/07/11)

The bells ring for change in Cuba.
Foreign Policy (04/07/11)

Cuba's Only Nuclear Reactor is Crumbling.
The Huffington Post (03/28/11)

More Analysis and Opinion articles can be found here.

Cultural News:

India Interested in Expanding Sports Cooperation with Cuba.
Cuban News Agency (04/18/11)

Carlos Acosta, National Dance Award 2011
Radio Cadena Agramonte (04/08/11)

Cubans celebrate 83rd birthday of Celina Gonzalez.
Cuba Headlines (03/20/11)

Cuban filmmaker to screen, discuss works.
Cuban Headlines (03/20/11)

The News Archives can be found here.


Wayne Smith in the News:
Read articles written by Wayne Smith and articles in which he was quoted.

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