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Center for International Policy
Staff and Board of Directors

Staff List and e-mails

William Goodfellow, executive director; wcgpeace (at)
Abigail Poe, deputy director; director, Latin America Rights and Security; abigail (at)
• Tom Andrews, director, Win Without War; tom (at)
• Raymond Baker, director, Global Financial Integrity; rbaker (at)
• Nicole Ball, senior fellow

• Mike Barnes, senior fellow; mbarnes (at)
• Tom Barry, senior policy analyst, TransBorder Project; tombarry (at) ciponline.or
• Patrick Benson, office manager, Global Financial Integrity; pbenson (at) g
• Harry Blaney, senior fellow; hcblaney (at)
• Landrum Bolling, senior fellow; Lbolling (at)
• Sarah Bracht, outreach coordinator, Task Force on Financial Integrity & Economic Development, Global Financial Integrity; sbracht (at)
• Tom Cardamone, managing director, Global Financial Integrity; tcardamone (at)
• Laura Carlsen, director, Americas Project; lcarlsen (at)
• Christine Clough, coordinator, Task Force on Financial Integrity & Economicl Development, Global Financial Integrity; cclough (at)
• Frick Curry, senior associate, development; frick (at)
• Monique Danziger, communications coordinator, Global Financial Integrity; mdanziger (at)
• Clark Gascoigne, new media coordinator, Global Financial Integrity; cgascoigne (at)
• Melvin A. Goodman, senior fellow, Intelligence Reform Project; goody789 (at)
• Selig Harrison, director, Asia Project; sharrison (at)
• William D. Hartung, director, Arms and Security Project; whartung (at)
• Matthew Hoh, senior fellow, director, Afghanistan Study Group; mphoh (at)
• Jeff Horowitz, founder, Avoided Deforestation Partners
• Glenn Hurowitz, senior fellow; glenn (at)
• Drew Ann Jubert, comptroller; drew (at)
• Dev Kar, lead economist, Global Financial Integrity; dkar (at)
• Heather Lowe, legal counsel & director of government affairs, Global Financial Integrity; hlowe (at)
• Paul Lubeck, senior fellow; Lubeck (at)
• Stephen Miles, coalition coordinator, Win Without War; stephen (at)
• Jim Mullins, senior fellow; mjimmull (at)
• Elizabeth Newhouse, associate, Cuba Project
• Meredith Pierce, operations manager and new media coordinator; meredith (at)
• Wayne S. Smith, senior fellow, Cuba Project
; wsmith (at)
• Francesc Vendrell, senior fellow

• Robert E. White, senior fellow, former president of CIP; rewhite (at)

Board of Directors

Cynthia McClintock, professor, George Washington University
Luis Gilberto Murillo, Phelps Stokes
• Matt Balitsaris, record producer
• Lowell Blankfort, newspaper publisher
• Philip Brenner, professor, American University
• Gilbert Brownstone, Brownstone Foundation, Paris
• Darcy G. Burner, Progressive Congress Action Fund
• William J. Butler, chairman, executive committee, International Commission of Jurists
• Thomas Cooper, president, Gulfstream International Airlines
• Alfredo Duran, attorney
• Joseph T. Eldridge, chaplain, America University
• Mike Farrell, actor
• Lucy Lehman, social activist
• Conrad Martin, Fund for Constitutional Government
• Paul Sack, businessman
• Donald Soldini, International Preferred Enterprises, Inc.
• Robert Stark, priest, Hawaii
• Dessima Williams, ambassador of Grenada to the United Nations

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Asia | Latin America Security | Cuba | National Security | Global Financial Integrity | Americas Program | Avoided Deforestation Partners | Win Without War | TransBorder Project

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