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Guantanamo Naval Base

CIP & Guantanamo:

-Close Guantanamo Bay prison, in interest of justice, by Jennifer Schuett, South Florida Sun-Sentinel (10/9/07)

-Honor the Treaty: Close Guantanamo, response by Wayne Smith to the current state-of-affairs in U.S. inaction towards Guantanamo (5/25/06)

-CIP's 2006 International Policy Report, "Guantanamo: Our Own Devil's Island?" [pdf]

-Grappling with Gitmo: Op-ed by Senior Fellow Wayne Smith in Atlanta-Journal Constitution, 6/26/05

-Investigation Needed: Op-Ed by Senior Fellow Wayne Smith in The South Florida Sun-Sentinel, 6/11/05

-CIP Press Release, June 3, 2005: Abuses at Guantanamo and the Administration's Misrepresentations

-April 11th Guantanamo conference summary, agenda and speakers' biographies

-TORTURE: Not what U.S. is supposed to be about: Op-Ed by Senior Fellow Wayne Smith in The South Florida Sun-Sentinel, 2/4/05

-Our Own Devil's Island: Op-Ed by Senior Fellow Wayne Smith in The South Florida Sun-Sentinel, (1/12/05)

-Bush and the U.S. descent into torture: Op-Ed by Senior Fellow Wayne Smith in The South Florida Sun-Sentinel, 6/19/04.


Dentainees and Analysis

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed - "Mastermind of 9/11 attacks".

David Hicks - Pleaded guilty to providing material support to Al-Qaeda (3/27/07). Sentenced to 9 months prison in Australia (3/31/07).

Omar Khadr - Youngest detainee held at Guantanamo. Only minor ever to be tried for war crimes (and not cinsidered a child soldier).

Recent News

Gitmo inmates cleared but not released Press TV (01/30/11)

Embassy cables: Yemen president tells U.S. to keep its Guantánamo detainees, Guardian (12/03/10)

Will WikiLeaks keep Gitmo open?, FOX News (12/03/10)

Once-harsh Guantanamo prison becomes more livable for detainees, Dallas Morning News (12/03/10)

Gitmo hunger striker to receive medical evaluation, Washington Post (12/01/10)

France wanted U.S. 'assistance' in Omar Khadr case, Montreal Gazette (12/01/10)

U.S. embassy cables: European countries afraid to take Guantanamo detainees for fear of upsetting China, Guardian (11/30/10)

Wikileaks: U.S. pressured Spain over CIA rendition and Guantanamo torture, Guardian (11/30/10)

Spain denies U.S. offer of cash to take Guantanamo detainees, FOX News (11/30/10)

Wikileaks docs show Obama administration unable to close Gitmo, FOX News (11/30/10)

Wikileaks: U.S. praise for ex-Guantanamo inmate, Sky News (11/30/10)

Wikileaks: King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia 'wanted Guantanamo Bay detainees microchipped', The Telegraph (11/29/10)

Cables reveal difficulty of relocating some Guantanamo detainees, CNN (11/29/10)

WikiLeaks's release of documents shows struggle to relocate Guantánamo detainees, Washington Post (11/29/10)

Graham: I will do everything in my power to stop civilian trials for 9/11 operatives, FOX News (11/28/10)

Graham says he has the votes to keep KSM terror trial at Guantánamo Bay, The Hill (11/28/10)

Compensation for Guantánamo Bay detainees proposed, Nouse (11/26/10)

An outdated terrorism law, Washington Post (11/26/10)

Is Guatánamo an Inquisition after all?, Middle East Online (11/25/10)

Court asked to order probe of Gitmo psychologist, Wall Street Journal (11/24/10)

Embassy bomber admitted meeting Osama bin Laden, CBS News (11/24/10)

The enduring appeal of trying terrorists before military commissions, Washington Post (11/24/10)

Ex-Guantanamo detainee acquitted of most charges, The Boston Globe (11/18/10)

Agent will not be prosecuted over torture claims, AFP (11/17/10)

No mistrial in Guantanamo detainee case, Boston Herald (11/16/10)

Britain to compensate ex-detainees of Guantánamo, The New York Times (11/16/10)

George W Bush memoirs: terror suspect 'welcomed waterboarding', Telegraph (11/09/10)

Yemenis at Guantanamo remain in limbo, AFP(11/08/10)

A more personal view of a detainee's trial, New York Times (11/07/10)

Court overturns Gitmo prisoner release, PressTV (11/07/10)

U.S. appeals court reverses decision to release Guantanamo detainee, CNN (11/05/10)

Guantanamo Task Force stands tall in tough mission, American Forces Press Service (11/04/10)

Prosecution, defense rest in Ghailani bombing trial, Business Week (11/03/10)

If the light goes out: Edmund Clark's pictures of Guantánamo Bay, Guardian (11/03/10)

House Republican calls for keeping Guantánamo prison open, Legal Times (11/03/10)

Terrorist rehab in Saudi Arabia: a success?, The Christian Science Monitor (11/02/10)

Guantanamo military procedures at a standstill, Los Angeles Times (11/02/10)

Yemen plot puts Guantanamo detainees in limbo, NPR (11/02/10)

U.S. concerned about former Guantanamo prisoners in Yemen, Los Angeles Times (11/02/10)

First Guantánamo detainee before Inter-American Commission on Human Rights given hearing today, Common Dreams Press Release (10/29/10)

Tanzanian amassed items before Embassy blast, witness testifies, Bloomberg (10/22/10)

Australian police probe Gitmo detainee book deal, AP (10/17/10)

Yemeni captive loses ruling, Miami Herald (10/16/10)

Witness ties Ahmed Ghailani to truck bomb during embassy bombing trial, NY Daily News (10/15/10)

Saudi arrests ex-Guantanamo Qaeda suspect, AFP (10/15/10)

NY judge:coerced testimony has no role in trial, Fox News (10/14/10)

Former Gitmo prisoner's trial continues, as child soldier's is postponed, The Huffington Post (10/14/10)

Landmark terror trial continues in New York, CNN (10/12/10)

Ex-Guantanamo prisoner sues U.S., AFP (10/09/10)

Don't try terrorists, lock them up, The New York Times (10/08/10)

Missing from trial: Detainee statements, New York Times (10/04/10)

U.S. top court refuses to hear Guantanamo wiretap case, AFP (10/04/10)

Judge 'delays' Tanzanian's Guantanamo trial, AFP (10/03/10)

U.S. tries first Guantanamo terrorist suspect, Voice of America (10/01/10)

Guantanamo detainee appeals to U.S. Supreme Court, AFP (09/29/10)

U.S. judge dismisses hearing into Guantanamo 'suicides', AFP (09/29/10)

Jury selection begins in Guantanamo Bay detainee trial, Voice of America (09/29/10)

Guantanamo detainee's trial may set tone for others, NPR (09/27/10)

Report shows detainee's insight into legal process, The New York Times (09/26/10)

No security disruptions as Lower Manhattan prepares for first Guantanamo detainee trial, WYNC (09/24/10)

Mix and match at the Guantanamo military commissions, The Huffington Post (09/25/10)

Foreign Policy: Closing Guantanamo proves difficult, Foreign Policy (09/22/10)

Introducing the definitive list of the remaining prisoners in Guantanamo, The Public Record (09/15/10)

Obama admits he has 'fallen short' on Guantánamo, AFP (09/11/10)

Pentagon eases some rules on Guantanamo coverage, New York Times (09/10/10)

Nine years on, no trial in sight for alleged 9/11 plotters, AFP (09/09/10)

176 reasons to close GITMO, The Huffington Post (09/07/10)

U.S. judge upholds Guantanamo detention of Afghan shopkeeper, The Miami Herald (09/07/10)

Behind the wire, remaining Gitmo detainees wait, The Richmond Times (09/04/10)

Ellsworth fights Coats' 'false' accusations,Southbend Tribune (09/03/10)

Guantanamo horrors, The Hindu (09/02/10)

Administration halts prosecution of alleged USS Cole bomber, The Washington Post (08/26/10)

Ramadan at Guantanamo: nightly force-feedings, The Miami Herald (08/24/10)

Guantanamo jury recommends 14 years for Al Qaeda cook, Los Angeles Times (8/12/2010)

Jury selection on at 1st Gitmo trial under Obama, Associated Press (8/10/2010)

First Guantanamo Trial Under Obama Opens, Voice of America (8/10/2010)

US military judge seals sentence for Gitmo inmate, Associated Press (8/09/2010)

Youngest Guantanamo detainee to stand trial, Los Angeles Times (8/09/2010)

Pentagon may change rules for covering Guantanamo trials, McClatchy Newspapers (8/05/2010)

Sen Cardin: Obama Hasn't Been Transparent on Gitmo, Detainees, Huffington Post (7/30/2010)

Reporters complain they can't get Guantanamo records, McClatchy Newspapers (7/29/2010)

UN experts urge US to ensure no Guantanamo detainees are forcibly returned, UN News Centre (7/21/2010)

Court OK's Guantanamo torture lawsuits against UK, Miami Herald (7/16/2010)

Guantanamo Papers: The UK's Handling of Detainees, BBC News (7/15/2010)

Justices say US can send back two Guantanamo prisoners who say they fear torture in Algeria, Washington Examiner (7/14/2010)

Guantanamo lawyer's conviction upheld, Miami Herald (7/14/2010)

Foreign Office officials 'backed Guantanamo detentions', BBC News (7/14/2010)

Guantanamo detainee Khadr rejects U.S. plea deal, McClatchy (7/13/2010)

Court upholds detention of Yemeni at Guantanamo, Reuters (7/13/2010)

Judge clears way for civilian trial of Guantánamo detainee, Christian Science Monitor (7/13/2010)

Hearings to begin for Canadian at Guantanamo, AFP (7/12/2010)

Young detainee to boycott trial at Guantanamo, Associated Press (7/12/2010)

David Axelrod Won't Commit to Closing Guantanamo By End of 2010, Huffington Post (7/11/2010)

Cameron launches inquiry on alleged torture by British intelligence agents, Washington Post (7/07/2010)

Cameron launches inquiry on alleged torture by British intelligence agents, Washington Post (7/07/2010)



Guantanamo Documents

List of Individuals Detained by the Department of Defense at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba from January 2002 through May 15, 2006 (pdf)

Camp Delta Standard Operating Procedures 2003 (pdf)

Camp Delta Standard Operating Procedures 2004

Guantanamo Camp Delta 2003-2004 Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) forensic difference analysis, Wikileaks




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