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Under the direction of Wayne S. Smith, former Chief of the U.S. Interests Section in Havana, the Center for International Policy’s Cuba Program seeks to bring about a more sensible US policy toward Cuba. There may have been a time during the Cold War when there was some rationale for a containment policy, including an embargo. But, with the end of the Cold War, that rationale has vanished, and our policy toward Cuba is now not only obsolete but actually counterproductive in terms of real US interests and objectives.

Cuba Program Mission Statement

By taking fact-finding delegations to Cuba, organizing conferences on specific issues, inviting Cubans to express their views in the US, and publishing opinion pieces which take issue with present rationale, we hope to educate public opinion and thus encourage a policy which 1) begins to dismantle the embargo, 2) initiates a dialogue with the Cuban government, 3) lifts travel controls, and 4) carries us eventually toward a full normalization of relations, which we believe to be in the best interests of both the American and the Cuban people.

CIP's Wayne Smith and Eloy Guitierrez Menoyo, former political prisoner in Cuba and head of "Cambio Cubano"

Recent Conferences & Delegations


April 18 Working Through the Obama Administration’s New Rules Authorizing Academic & “People-To-People” Educational/Cultural Travel to Cuba
January 25

The United States Should Take Immediate Steps to Improve Relations with Cuba


March 9 ECDET Conference to Demand the Elimination of Restrictions on Academic and Educational Travel to Cuba
January 28

To Examine Cuba's Inclusion on the List of Terrorist States

November 23 Conference in New Orleans to Discuss Hurricane Preparedness
July 2009 Delegation to Cuba for Hurricane Preparedness, led by General Russel Honore
April 2009 Delegation to Cuba for Hurricane Preparedness, led by Galveston, Texas Mayor Lyda Ann Thomas
February 19 La Familia Separada: A Conference to Demand the Lifting of Federal Restrictions on Family Travel and Remittances to Cuba
April 13-17 Disaster Preparedness Delegation to Cuba
May 22 Escaping Justice: The Story of an Exile Terrorist
October 16 Imperatives for a New Cuba Policy(read more)
May 24-25 U.S. - Cuban Hurricane Conference in Monterrey, Mexico (read more)
February 19-22CIP sponsors Trade Representatives Delegation to Cuba (read more)
January 25Conference to Call on Congress to Close the Prison at Guantanamo Bay and Repeal the Military Commissions Act (read more)
OctoberA History of Terrorism: Conference
JuneDelegation to Cuba about Terrorism (read more)
April U.S. Abuse at Guantanamo: Conference (read more)
OctoberConference to Examine the Evidence for Keeping Cuba on the U.S. List of Terrorist States (read more)
MayCommission for a Free Cuba: Conference
AprilThe Federal Sugar Subsidy Program: Conference
NovemberKansas Wheat Farmers delegation
SeptemberSenator Baucus and Montana farm delegation
JulyFreedom to Travel to Cuba Forum
AprilTrip with Senator Tom Harkin
MarchConference: "Guantanamo Naval Base 100 Years Later: From Coaling Station to Penal Colony." (read more)
FebruarySenate staff fact-finding mission to Cuba; Urbanists International fact-finding mission to Cuba; Georgia businesses fact-finding mission to Cuba
JanuaryCuba exhibit at American Farm Bureau Federation Convention (read more)
NovemberDelegation of former US Senators Dale Bumpers and John Culver; Houston World Affairs Council fact-finding mission to Cuba; Fact-finding mission of architects and urban planners
SeptemberWashington D.C. National Summit on Cuba (read more)
JulyKentucky fact-finding mission on seafood purchasing & transportation infrastructure
JuneKentucky fact-finding mission on banking, transportation and aquaculture; Georgia Ports Authority and fishing industry fact-finding mission to Cuba
MayKentucky Women in Agriculture (KWIA) fact-finding mission to Cuba
March Kentucky agribusiness fact-finding mission to Cuba
January Travel agents' fact-finding mission on sustainable tourism in Cuba; Conference on U.S. travel to Cuba: OFAC licensing, policy and prosecution
NovemberConference on the inconsistencies in the U.S. "State Sponsors of Terrorism List"
OctoberAgricultural Conference
JuneAfro-American Journalists to Cuba; U.S. and Cuban Trademark Conference
AprilCongressional Delegation to Cuba; Michigan Farm Bureau Delegation
MarchAmerican Sugar Refiners to Cuba
FebruaryReligious Leaders to Cuba

Cuba Program Publications


Putting Preparedness Above Politics: U.S. - Cuba Cooperation Against the Threat of Hurricanes, IPR by Elizabeth Newhouse, (1/10)


U.S. Cuban Cooperation in the face of Hurricanes and other Natural Disasters, IPR by Ted Carroll/Wayne Smith, (11/09) Disaster Relief Management in Cuba, IPR by Jonathan Keyser and Wayne Smith, (5/09)


Reducing Risks, Avoiding Disaster, Managing Hurricanes the Cuban Way,IPR Jennifer Schuett/Eva Silkwood (8/08) CIP Conference Report: Escaping Justice: A Conference on Exile Terrorism (8/08)
Return of the Good Neighbor, by Wayne Smith (8/14/08)
Cuba Rejects Increased Russian-Cuban Military Cooperation, by Wayne Smith (8/13/08)
What's Behind News of Russia-Latin America Military Ties?, response by Wayne Smith in Inter-American Dialogue's Latin American Advisor (7/31/08)
The Bush Administration's Handling of Cuba and North Korea and Other Contradictions, by Wayne Smith (7/2/08)
CIP Conference Report: La Familia Separada: To Demand the Lifting of Federal Restrictions on Family Travel and Remittances to Cuba (6/2008)
U.S.-Cuban Relations: A New Beginning?, by Wayne Smith (6/20/08)
Obama's Cuba Policy is Perceptive, Not Naive, by Eva Silkwood (6/19/08)
Bush Administration Claims that Cuba is a Terrorist State are Unfounded, by Jennifer Schuett and Eva Silkwood (6/12/08)
Baseless New Impediments to Family Travel, by Wayne Smith (6/2/08)
No Evidence to Place Cuba on the State Sponsors of Terrorism List, by Wayne Smith (5/14/08)
What's Next for Cuba?
, ABC News, interview with Wayne Smith (2/19/08)
Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz allegiance in question, By Wayne S. Smith, South Florida Sun-Sentinel (3/19/08)
It's Time to Talk to Cuba
, By Wayne S. Smith, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (2/24/08)


To Protect the Gulf of Mexico: U.S.-Cuba Cooperation on Marine Conservation, International Policy Report by Wayne Smith and Jennifer Schuett, December 2007 [PDF format]
Ever Changing, Always the Same: The State of U.S.-Cuban Relations, International Policy Report by Wayne Smith and Jennifer Schuett, December 2007 [PDF format]
Facing the Storms Together: CIP convenes first U.S. - Cuba hurricane conference, International Policy Report by Wayne Smith and Jennifer Schuett, August 2007 [PDF format]
Torture, Terror and Innocence: Why the prison at Guantanamo must be closed, International Policy Report by Jennifer Schuett and Abigail Poe, July 2007 [PDF format]


Sanctuary for Terrorists?, International Policy Report by Wayne S. Smith, Shauna Harrison and Sheree Adams, January 2006 [PDF format]


"Guantanamo: Our Own Devil's Island?" International Policy Report by Tiana S. Gierke, May 2005 [PDF format]


"Cuba Should Not be on the Terrorist List" International Policy Report by Wayne S. Smith, Robert Muse, and Glenn Baker, November 2004 [PDF format]
"Commission for a Free Cuba Sets Restrictions on Americans" International Policy Report by Wayne S. Smith and Seema Patel, June 2004 [PDF format]
"A Time for Change: The Outrageous Federal Sugar Subsidy Program" International Policy Report by Wayne Smith, June 2004 [PDF format]


"Freedom to Travel to Cuba" International Policy Report by Anya Landau and Sarah Stephens, September 2003 [PDF format]


"Cuba on the Terrorist List: In Defense of the Nation or Domestic Political Calculation?" International Policy Report by Anya K. Landau and Wayne S. Smith, November 2002 [PDF format]


" Keeping Things in Perspective: Cuba and the Question of International Terrorism," A special CIP report by Anya K. Landau and Wayne S. Smith, November 20, 2001 [PDF format]
"End the Travel Ban to Cuba," International Policy Report by Wayne S. Smith, Nov. 2001
"American Trademarks Threatened: Conferees Call for Repeal of Section 211 Aimed at Cuba," International Policy Report by Anya K. Landau and Wayne S. Smith, September 2001
" Conference Probes Potential for U.S.-Cuba Farm Trade," International Policy Report by Kimberly L. Waldner and Wayne S. Smith, February 2001


"Afro-Cubans in Cuban Society," International Policy Report by Wayne S. Smith, Dec. 1999.
"European Union-U.S. Understanding Fails to Resolve Dispute Over Helms-Burton Act," the CIP International Policy Report published in March 1999.


"Nonissue: Cuba's Mothballed Nuclear Power Plant," by Jonathan Benjamin-Alvarado, July 1998
"Cuba: Lost Opportunities for Cooperation on Drugs," by Wayne S. Smith, April 1998.
"Wanted: A Logical Cuba Policy," International Policy Report by Wayne S. Smith, Feb. 1998.


Helms-Burton: A Loose Canon? International Policy Report on the Recent CIP-sponsored Conference.


"Radio Days," a commentary on US government broadcasting to Cuba by CIP Associate Nita Rous Manitzas.
"The many sins of the Helms-Burton law,"an op-ed by CIP Senior Fellow Wayne S. Smith which appeared in the Toronto Globe and Mail on July 1, 1996.
"The US - Cuba Imbroglio," the International Policy Report CIP published in May 1996.
"Cuba's Long Reform," An article by CIP Senior Fellow Wayne S. Smith appearing in Foreign Affairs, Volume 75, No.2, March/April 1996.
"Isn't It About Time for Washington to Accept That Castro Is in Power?" op-ed from CIP Senior Fellow Wayne S. Smith from the Los Angeles Times, January 14, 1996.
Statement of Senior Fellow Wayne S. Smith on implementation of the Helms-Burton law, given following a conference CIP held with the Institute for European Relations in Latin America in Barcelona on July 12, 1996.
The Summary Document from "Helms-Burton Legislation: Legal and Commercial Implications," a conference co-hosted by CIP and FOCAL in Ottawa, Canada on May 16-17, 1996.


"Human Rights in Cuba,"the CIP International Policy Report published in September 1995.


"Our Cuba Diplomacy," International Policy Report, October 1994.
"The Travel Ban to Cuba,International Policy Report, May 1994.


"Cuba After the Cold War," International Policy Report, March 1993.
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