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Wayne Smith, senior fellow and director, Cuba program: Smith is a CIP Senior Fellow and directs the Cuba Program and is a contributor to the National Security Program. He is a visiting professor of Latin American studies and Director of the University of Havana exchange Program at Johns Hopkins University. He is a former Senior Associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. During his twenty-five years with the State Department (1957-82), he served as executive secretary of President Kennedy's Latin American Task Force and chief of mission at the U.S. Interests Section in Havana. In addition, he served in Argentina, Brazil and the Soviet Union. [more...]

Recent Quotes

04/17/11 - Cubans remember the Bay of Pigs, Wayne Smith quoted in CBC News

03/03/11 - Detained US contractor goes on trial in Cuba, Wayne Smith quoted in The Washington Post, also carried by The Huffington Post, Yahoo, Fox, Miami Herald, Seattle Times.

01/14/11- Washington to relax restrictions on remittances, travel to Cuba, Wayne Smith quoted in CNN

11/22/10- Bitter disappointment for progressive Cuba policy, Wayne Smith quoted in Scoop Independent News

10/01/10- New fears over Cuban plans to drill for oil in 2011, Wayne Smith quoted in St. Petersburg Times

09/29/10- Cuba poised for offshore drilling?, Wayne Smith quoted in Bradenton Post

09/10/10- Castro 'amused' at how remark on Cuban ecomic model was interpreted, Wayne Smith quoted in Bloomberg

08/25/10- La casa blanca insta a Richardson a 'abordar' en Cuba el caso del estadunidense preso en la isla, Wayne Smith quoted in La Jornada

08/25/10- A new era in Cuba-U.S. relations?, Wayne Smith quoted in the Morning Star

08/24/10- Cuba and the Number of 'Political Prisoners', Wayne Smith quoted in the Huffington Post

08/23/10- U.S. reaffirms support for democracy in Cuba, Wayne Smith quoted in the Latin American Herald Tribune

08/13/10- Many happy returns Fidel!, Wayne Smith quoted in the National Post

08/11/10- Fidel Castro appearances blur Cuba reform questions, Wayne Smith quoted on The Vancouver Sun

07/26/10- Looking for a signal, Wayne Smith quoted on The Hawk Eye

07/26/10- Cuba left guessing on Revolution Day as Fidel Castro misses big parade, Wayne Smith quoted on The Guardian

07/09/10- Mr. Obama won't go to Havana - at least, not anytime soon, Wayne Smith quoted on

07/08/10- Sources: Spain to accept releasd Cuban prisoners, Wayne Smith quoted on

07/08/10- Church: Cuba to free political prisoners, Wayne Smith quoted on

07/04/10- Cuba Vows to Release 52 Political Prisoners , Wayne Smith quoted in the Palm Beach Post

07/04/10- Drilling off Cuba could be sticky situation, Wayne Smith quoted in the Palm Beach Post

05/28/10- Fearful Cuba watches, waits for BP oil spill, Wayne Smith quoted in Reuters

05/04/10- Radio, TV Marti seen as bust , Wayne Smith quoted in Inter Press Service

04/26/10- Dissidents steal headlines from Cuban election, Wayne Smith quoted in Washington Post

03/11/10- Cuba experts discuss academic travel to the country for Americans, Wayne Smith quoted in Latin America News Dispatch

03/09/10- Push for student exchanges with Cuba hits obstacles, both political and academic, Wayne Smith quoted in Chronicle of Higher Education

03/09/10- Obama urged to end limits on educational travel to Cuba, Wayne Smith quoted in Latin American Herald Tribune

02/18/10- US-Cuba immigration talks under cloud of mistrust, Wayne Smith quoted in Boston Globe

01/13/10- Bitter words mar new dawn in US-Cuba ties, Wayne Smith quoted in Financial Times

01/08/10- U.S says contractor arrested in Cuba is no spy, Wayne Smith quoted in Miami Herald

01/08/10- Cuba Claims Jailed U.S. Contractor is a Spy?, Wayne Smith quoted in Poder 36

12/30/09- In Cuba, Hopeful Tenor Toward Obama is Ebbing, Wayne Smith quoted in New York Times

08/06/09- Russian oil rigs just 45 miles from Florida?, Wayne Smith quoted in The Christian Science Monitor

06/10/09- Newest spy case could hamper U.S.-Cuba talks, Wayne Smith quoted in the Miami Herald

06/04/09- OAS lifts 47-year old suspension of Cuba, Wayne Smith quoted in CNN

06/04/09- Obama overtures to Cuba overtaken as OAS votes to engage regime, Wayne Smith quoted in Bloomberg

06/02/09- US-Cuba: Obama still moving cautiously toward normalisation, Wayne Smith quoted in IPS

06/01/09- U.S.-Cuba politics play out at OAS gathering, Wayne Smith quoted in New America Media

05/17/09- No bloom yet in U.S.-Cuba ties after April overtures, Wayne Smith quoted in Reuters

05/01/09 - Canje será "clave" (exchange will be "critical"), Wayne Smith quoted in BBC Mundo

04/15/09 - Cuba shift draws criticisms from all sides, Wayne Smith quoted in United Press International

04/15/09 - Obama catches heat from all sides for easing travel limits to Cuba, Wayne Smith quoted in The Miami Herald

04/13/09 - Latin leaders will push Obama to end Cuban embargo at summit, Wayne Smith quoted in Bloomberg

04/12/09 - Cubans optimistic that improved relations with U.S. could be near, Wayne Smith quoted in The South Florida Sun Sentinel

04/09 - Using old friend Cuba as its base, Russia reasserts its Latin influence, Wayne Smith featured in The Washington Diplomat

04/01/09 - Sigue viva la liberalización de viajes a Cuba (The liberalization of Travel to Cuba is still alive), El Nuevo dia

03/11/09 - "Cuba after Castro" Remarks by Wayne Smith at University of Tennessee 'Great Decisions Program' (video)

03/09/09 - Obama's outreach to adversaries takes unexpected turn with Taliban approach, FOX News

03/08/09 - Obama will use spring summit to bring Cuba in from the cold, The Guardian

03/03/09 - Amid a Lackluster Review of His First Year, Cuba's Leader Jolts the Government, New York Times

03/02/09 - Raul Castro shakes up Cuban Cabinet, CNN

01/03/09 - Easing the Cuban Embargo?, ABC News (video)

10/29/08 - Cuba-U.S. Relations Stuck in Cold War, ABC News (video)

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Comments on the News

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