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Honduras Events and Photos

Project on Government Oversight visits Tegucigalpa

The Center for International Policy along with its partner organization in Honduras Foundation Democracy without Borders, sponsored a week-long delegation with members of the U.S. based organization Project on Government Oversight (POGO). Danielle Brian, executive director and Scott Amey, general counsel for POGO visited Honduras to address the importance of creating a Public Hearing commission within the Honduran Congress as a mechanism to ensure transparency and access to information. During their trip they met with Members of the Honduran Congress, the media and other civil society organizations to discuss the value of implementing this initiative. The exchange encourage Honduras congress members and civil society organizations to address the need to implement the recently approved access to information law, and continue their efforts to continue working to implement the Public Hearings Commission

This is the first in a series of meetings organized by CIP in an effort to foster communication and share experiences between US based organizations and Honduras.

The Project on Government Oversight, a U.S. based nonprofit that investigates and exposes corruption to achieve a more accountable government.

Danielle Brian and Scott Amey address members of the press

Follow these links for Danielle Brian and Scott Amey's speeches:
Danielle Brian | Scott Amey

“We are here to exchange ideas of how to strengthen our democracies, both in Honduras and the United States. We, the civil society sectors of the U.S. are very aware that our system is good, but flawed, particularly because of its weakness to be manipulated by private interests” stated Brien during her address to members of the Honduran congress, media and civil society organizations. Brien emphasized the importance to engage other actors-besides the traditional executive, legislative and judicial branches- in the government oversight process including the media, and civil society”.

Amey discussed transparency in the government “Institutional corruption in both the public and private sectors demoralizes hard working public and private sector workers, undermines confidence in the democratic process, and exacerbates distrust in our society”


Honduran Congressional Delegation visits Washington, DC - May 21, 2007

From May 20th to the 25th, the Center for International Policy hosted a delegation of Honduran congress members. The purpose of their trip to Washington was to exchange thoughts with different organizations, members of the media, human rights organization, and government agencies among others.
CIP and the Foundation Democracy without Borders in Tegucigalpa are committed to facilitate opportunities for the government, civil society and in this case, members of congress, to exchange ideas on how to improve the livelihoods of Hondurans. Members of Congress have a responsibility with their constituents in Honduras, and they have taken advantage of this trip to meet with different organizations and US government agencies in hopes to bring new ideas to Honduras, and develop strategies to improve their role as legislators.
They met with the National Security Archives, Latin America Working Group, The International Center for Journalists, The Department of State, The Internamerican Development Bank, and Congressmen James P. McGovern among others.
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Release of the " Legislative Directory 2006-2010: a National Congress for all." in Honduras - September 27, 2006

With great pride, on September 27th of 2006, Foundation Democracy without Borders hosted the release of the "Legislative Directory 2006-2010: a National Congress for all.” The event brought together over 500 distinguished guests including the 256 Members of Congress and their deputies. Read more.

Inauguration of Foundation Democracy without Borders - May 28, 2006

On May 28th, members of the International Delegation, Board Members and staff members of CIP, joined the staff of FDsF(Foundation Democracy without Borders), to celebrate its inauguration in Tegucigalpa. The event was highlighted by the presence of national and international NGO's, government officials and the Honduran President, the Honorable Manuel Zelaya. For information on delegation, click here.

The Environment as a Human Right- Conference (Español arriba) - August 10, 2005

The Central America Program hosted a conference in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, on the 10 of August 2005 on the connection between the environment and human rights. The conference was the start of collaboration between grass-roots organizations and the administration on how to resolve the environmental destruction and related health and corruption challenges that they face as a entire country.

March for Life - June 2005

CIP's Central America Program brought a delegation to Honduras at the end of June 2004 to support local environmental movement's march through towns and villages to raise awareness about illegal logging and other environmental concerns.

American News Coverage of the 2004 March for Life

Honduran News Coverage of the 2004 March for Life

Recount of the March for Life by the Committee of the Families of the Detained-Disappeared in Honduras


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