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Government Links

|White House| Department of State| Department of Defense|Intelligence|Congress|
|United Nations|International Atomic Energy Agency|European Union|

The White House

U.S. Department of State

U.S. Department of Defense

* Press Resources
* Doctrine on Urban Warfare
* Speeched and Testimonies, Current text of speeches and testimonies from DOD officials
* IO, Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Oversight

The Intelligence Community

* CIA, The Central Intelligence Agency
* NSA, The National Security Agency
* DHS, The Department of Homeland Security
* DIA, The Defense Intelligence Agency
* NIMA, The National Imagery and Mapping Agency
* NRO, The National Reconnaissance Office
* ANSIR, Awareness of National Security Issues and Responses, Counterterrorism/Counterintelligence Division of the FBI
* INR, Bureau of Intelligence and Research in the Department of State
* IAIP, Information Analysis and Infrastructure Protection, Office of Homeland Security
* IN, Department of Energy, Office of Intelligence
* ONI, Office of Naval Intelligence
* MCIA, Marince Corps Intelligence Association
* AIA, Air Intelligence Agency
* USAIC, United Stated Army Intelligence Center

Congress, United States Senate and United States House of Representatives

* US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence
* Senate Armed Services Committee
* US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations
* US Senate Committee on Homeland Security
* US Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs
* House Armed Services Committee
* House Committee on International Relations
* House Committee on Veterans' Affairs
* House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence

The United Nations

* Action against Terrorism, Report of the Policy Working Group on the United Nations and Terrorism

International Atomic Energy Agency

European Union


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