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Failure of Intelligence: The Decline and Fall of the CIA
Published by Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc, March 2008

The Central Intelligence Agency: Organizing for Intelligence

Crimes of the Central Intelligence Agency
Intelligence: The Importance of Success
Intelligence: The Consequences of Failure
The Perils of Politicization
The CIA and the Soviet Union: Success and Failure
The CIA and the Threat of Terrorism
The 9/11 Tragedy and the Failures of Strategic Intelligence
The Iraq War and the White House
The Iraq War and the CIA
The Failure of Congressional Oversight
DCIs and the Decline and Fall of the CIA
What Needs to be Done?

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Bush League Diplomacy: How the Neoconservatives are Putting the World at Risk Prometheus Books, February 2004

Fall From Grace: America Abandons Collective Security
Terrorism and Peacekeeping: The Afghanistan Precedent
Geopolitical Costs and Risks of the Iraqi War
International Dangers for American Security
The Failures of Intelligence

Militarizing American Security Policy
The end of Arms Control and Disarmament
The war at home
Where in the world is Bush taking us?
Roadmap to the future: What is to be done?

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The Phantom Defence: America's Pursuit of the Star Was Illusion Published by Praeger, August 2001.

A Short History of "Star Wars"
Anti-Missile Defense and the Political Maze
Two Views of the World
The Exaggerated Threat of Ballistic Missiles
Why It Won't Work
Other Proposed Missile Defense Systems
Geopolitical Implications
Arms Control and Policy Alternatives

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National Insecurity: U.S. Intelligence After the Cold War Published by Temple University Press, January 2000.

Chapters After the Cold War: The Need for Intelligence - Roger Hilsman
Espionage and Covert Action - Melvin Goodman
Too Many Spies, Too Little Intelligence
CIA-Foreign Service Relations - Robert V. Keeley
Covert Operations: The Blowback Problem
The End of Secrecy: U.S. National Security and the New Openness Movement - Kate Doyle
Mission Myopia: Nargotics as Fallout From the CIA's Covert Wars
TECHINT: The NSA, the NRO, and NIMA - Robert Dreyfuss
Improving the Output of Intelligence: Priorities, Managerial Changes, and Funding - Richard A Stubbing
Who's Watching the Store? Executive-Branch and Congressional Surveillance - Pat M. Holt

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