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The Center for International Policy periodically publishes International Policy Reports (IPRs) which provide detailed information and analysis about a specific topic for policymakers, journalists and citizens. For additional IPRs and other CIP publications related to national security, intelligence reform and other issues, please visit the publications page on CIP's main website.


"Changing Course: Proposal to Reverse the Militarization of U.S. Foreign Policy"- The militarization of U.S. foreign policy due to the increased use of U.S. armed forces to pursue objectives that are better achieved by political, economic, and other means. By Donald Herr, September 2008. [.pdf]

"The CIA and the Perils of Politicization" - CIA directors guilty of politicizing intelligence and tampering with the integrity of intelligence analysts. By Melvin A. Goodman, March 2008 [.pdf]

"Crimes of the Central Intelligence Agency: How Covert Action Harms U.S. Security"- Secret prisons, extraordinary renditions, and covert action aimed at regime change are making the U.S. less secure. By Melvin A. Goodman, November 2007 [.pdf]

"Blueprint for Intelligence Reform" -The United States was relatively late in establishing the Central Intelligence Agency, an organization that grew out of the smaller and more limited wartime Office of Strategic Services. By Melvin A. Goodman, June 2006 [.html | .pdf]

"The Corruption of Intelligence in the Leadup to the Invasion of Iraq"
-The greatest possible failure of the CIA or any intelligence agency is to misuse intelligence in order to take the country to war. By Melvin A. Goodman, June 2006 [.html | .pdf]

"National Intelligence: The dereliction of congressional oversight"
-Oversight is an essential aspect of democratic government, an integral part of any system of checks and balances, and is designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the government. By Melvin A. Goodman, May 2006 [.html | .pdf]

"Sanctuary for Terrorists?" - U.S. tolerance of anti-Cuban terrorism, as discussed at a conference hosted by the Center for International Policy in Miami. By Wayne Smith, Shauna Harrison and Sheree Adams, January 2006 [read]

"Uses and Misuses of Strategic Intelligence" - The Bush administration argues that the Central Intelligence Agency’s intelligence demanded that the United States go to war against Iraq. Recent events and evidence revealed over the past year, however, make it clear that it was the administration’s decision to go to war that drove CIA Director George Tenet and his senior analysts to slant and politicize intelligence in order to support that decision. By Melvin A. Goodman, January 2004 [read]

"Arms Uncontrol" - A Second Year in Which the United States Outsells All Others Combined" - The United States has reached such a dominance of the world arms market that it delivered more arms to the Third World than all other exporters combined. By James R. Morrell, September 2001 [read]

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